Red Pantera

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GT5-S Drivers Side
GT5-S Left Front
GT5-S Left Rear
GT5-S Rear
GT5-S Rear
GT5-S Rear
GT5-S Rear
GT5-S Rear
GT5-S Rear

This Classic example of a DeTomaso Pantera SN THPNMG03326 that is an April of 1972 produced car.


This Pantera has the highly desirable Pre 'L' chrome bumper styling by Tom Tjaarda, who was the up and coming Detroit bred new recruit employed by Ghia to learn Italian car design. The chassis was designed by newly ex Ferrari and ex-Lamborghini formula car builder Dallara.


Looks like this car was restored in the early 80's with new red paint and a very complete late 70's beige interior, the early twin pod Dash was re-done in leather to compliment the Beige vinyl interior that was typical of the late 70's European cars still being produced by DeTomaso then. The interior has 4 point seat belt harness system and a floor mounted fire extinguisher. To compliment the upgraded interior this Pantera is also fitted with an upgraded Alpine Stereo system, but no ugly amps.


It looks like the Engine got a Holly with an Offenhauser 360 manifold and Mind Train headers. The early style gas tank has the updated gas neck installed. Looks like the Stock U-Joints had let go and the half-shaft openings in the wheel house area are all pretty beat up.


This car has been in a private collectors stable here in Carson since they bought it back in the mid 80's. They have been Shelby Cobra and Corvette historical race car collectors and are now thinning their collection mostly of multi million dollar vintage race cars that they no longer feel capable of racing in HMSA events. He says that they probably haven't driven this car 2500 miles in the last 20+ years, and it is what it is, a clean 1972 DeTomaso Pantera example.


39,450 miles show on the odometer, and it appears that this was an original Orange painted car by looking underneath the dash area at the overspray. Pleated Vinyl coverings on the inside of the front and rear deck lids shows the extra care given to this Pantera back in its driving days. This Pantera still sports its original radiator, and Goodyear Eagle VR 255/60-15, and 205/60-15 tires on original 7's and 8's Magnesium Wheels. Most all else on this Pantera appears to be original in nature and condition.

Asking price is $54,000


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