1972 Burgundy Pantera

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GT5-S Drivers Side
GT5-S Left Front
GT5-S Left Rear
GT5-S Rear

This is the refinished Burgundy Pantera. This car is immaculate inside and out. We re-did the engine after the new engine was filed with the new Zink less oil and flattened the cam lobes. We put stainless valves in a otherwise mostly stock performance rebuild(360-375HP). The transmission was gone through as well as all the mechanicals. The suspension is relatively stock as are the brakes.

The appearance of this car is stunning. The Porsche Boxter Metallic Burgundy, with the small black chrome bumpers, with the cream leather interior is a beautiful match up costing probably around $25,000 with out any mechanicals. I believe this car has around $40,000 worth of upgrades spent on it plus the price of the car.

This car is an example of the more you spend at $55,000 the more you get.


Larry Stock
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